Batch of 1981 (16th January 2017)

Ex-students of the batch of 1981 visited GMS on the morning of 16th January 2017. They spent a couple of hours here and were happy to be a part of their old school again and to relive their memories. Since school was closed for the winter vacations, it was unfortunate that they did not get a chance to interact with the present students of GMS. We are thankful for their visit and would be happy to see them here again. .



Batch of 1993 (13th August 2016)

The Batch of 1993 visited school on the 13th of August. Their visit included an assembly where they spoke about their school days and thanked their teachers for what they have received over the years spent in school. In gratitude to the school, they inaugurated a new PA system in the school. A lunch was organized by them in the school hall for the teachers that had taught them in the past. They also re-lived their old days by playing a football match with the present school team.