Dear Parents,
Please be informed of a few points with regard to the remainder of the academic year:
1. The Diwali vacation as such is cancelled. 19th will be a holiday for Diwali & Laxmi Pooja and 21st will be a holiday for Bhai Tika.
2. All Saturdays will be full day school unless informed in advance.
3. The Mid-Term Examinations will be from 23rd October to 28th October 2017.
4. 2 class tests (20 Marks and 40 minutes ; 25 marks for class 11 & 12) will be given by the teachers during normal school timings in November. Those will be the marks for the 3rd & 4th Card Tests. The 4th Card Test will also apply to class 10 & 12 since we won’t have the time to have the Pre-Selection examinations.
5. The Final Examination will be in the 2nd week of December. The academic year will end on 16th December 2017
at 12:00 noon. The results will be on 22nd December 2017 from 9:00 am to 12:00 noon.
6. Please pay the 3rd Installment of fees as soon as you can. Once you do so, please send all details of the
payment to Mr. Rishab Mittal (+919832537997).
7. The 4th Installment of class 10 is to be paid as soon as possible.
8. The 4th Installment of other classes (except class 10) is being reviewed by our leadership team in New Delhi. Once they finalize it, you will be informed through a notice & on the school website. It will be finalized by mid-October. The last date for that payment will be 4th November 2017.
9. If any parent has already paid the 4th Installment, it will be adjusted in due course of time.
Please inform people in your area that admissions are open in Goethals and they can come to the school at any
time to carry out the process, answer the test and admit their sons.

With Best Wishes,
Br. Robert Fernandes