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  • Bonfire Night  
  • Bonfire Night  
  • Bonfire Night  
  • Bonfire Night  
  • Bonfire Night  
  • Bonfire Night  
  • Bonfire Night  
  • Bonfire Night  
Latest Album
Bonfire Night
Event Date: 4-Dec-2023
Updated On: 5-Dec-2023
Total Photo(s): 8
Description: Celebrating Bonfire night with students ...
Previous Album(s)
    Event Date: 5-Nov-2023
    Updated On: 6-Nov-2023
    Total Photo(s): 9
  • 166th Annual Athletic ...
    Event Date: 19-Oct-2023
    Updated On: 4-Nov-2023
    Total Photo(s): 21
  • Teachers' Day Celebrat...
    Event Date: 5-Sep-2023
    Updated On: 6-Sep-2023
    Total Photo(s): 9
  • Br. Henry McGann Inter...
    Event Date: 1-Sep-2023
    Updated On: 4-Sep-2023
    Total Photo(s): 11
    Event Date: 22-Aug-2023
    Updated On: 24-Aug-2023
    Total Photo(s): 7
  • Inter-School (Schools ...
    Event Date: 12-Aug-2023
    Updated On: 16-Aug-2023
    Total Photo(s): 4
  • Fitzpatrick & Goethals...
    Event Date: 10-Aug-2023
    Updated On: 10-Aug-2023
    Total Photo(s): 6
  • Achievement of GMS stu...
    Event Date: 31-Jul-2023
    Updated On: 1-Aug-2023
    Total Photo(s): 1
  • Asansol Tournaments
    Event Date: 15-Jul-2023
    Updated On: 25-Jul-2023
    Total Photo(s): 9
  • Sports Team Events
    Event Date: 9-Jan-2023
    Updated On: 1-Jul-2023
    Total Photo(s): 3
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