Terms And Conditions

•    CLASS III:    Minimum age should be 8 plus. ( Born On or Before 1st February 2016) 
•    CLASS IV:    Minimum age should be 9 plus. ( Born On or Before 1st February 2015)
•    CLASS V:    Minimum age should be 10 plus. ( Born On or Before 1st February 2014)
•    CLASS VI:    Minimum age should be 11 plus.( Born On or Before 1st February 2013)
•    CLASS VII :    Minimum age should be 12 plus.( Born On or Before 1st February 2012)
•    Class VIII:    Minimum age should be 13 plus.( Born On or Before 1st February 2011)
•    CLASS IX:    Minimum age should be 14 plus. ( Born On or Before 1st February 2010) 
1.    All questions and information in the online admission form must be answered and the required documentation provided.           Incomplete forms and a lack of required documentation will lead to the applicant's automatic disqualification.
2.    The completed admission formafter the submission, may be printed and submit to the office along with the required     documents.
3.    A completed bio-data form and submission of required documentation do not entitle or guarantee an applicant a place in the school.
4.    Application for admission does not guarantee admission, which will be decided based on the candidate’s eligibility, previous academic performance, performance in the admission test, interview with the parents, and vacancies available.
5.    Any attempt to use friends or influential people to procure recommendations for admission will lead to automatic disqualification.
6.    Any communication to the principal (other than documentation requirements) either in writing or verbally regarding admission for a candidate before the publication of the admission list will lead to automatic disqualification of the applicant.
7.    Parents are warned that they may be approached for a "donation" or a "professional fee" to guarantee admission for their child. Please do not deal with such people. No donations are accepted, and admissions are in the hands of the school management and are based solely on merit.
8.    The cost of the admission form is Rupees Eight hundred.

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