Residential Life

Education at Goethals Memorial School doesn’t remain only within the four walls of the classroom. Residential life is hugely influential in our students’ development – shaping their journey as they grow into a confident individual and a good citizen.

In Goethals, the greatest strengths of the school spring from the quality of the human relationships throughout the community and the sense of companionship which support the well being of the boys. The boarding environment encourages a deep sense of community and helps to develop friendships that will be sustained and, in turn, be sustaining in life beyond the school.

The boarding section in Goethals provides the bedrock upon which supported independence and youthful fellowship can be built. Boys learn to treat each other and all members of the community with kindness, sensitivity and respect.

The chance to live and work alongside people from vastly varied backgrounds and states in India and from countries abroad is an enriching experience. Boys work with teachers, other members of the community and with other boys in ways that go beyond the traditional relationship imposed by the classroom or laboratory.

Goethals is staffed by teams who work generously to sustain and uphold the health and happiness of young people in their care. We also work with parents, based upon agreed values which support the well-being of the boys.

Our student dorms provide the perfect environment for young students to live, learn and grow, within the beautiful surroundings in the lap of the Himalayan hills.

Each student meets regularly with his tutors, morning and evening, who provide guidance in their studies.

Outdoor and Indoor Sports

The School provides a range of outdoor sports facilities like Football, Basketball, Volleyball, Table Tennis, Badminton,Cricket, Chess as well as Snooker. Children are privileged to have four soccer fields, four basketball courts, four volleyball courts, 4 table tennis tables 6 badminton courts. The school conducts regular inter-house as well as inter-class competitions for these sporting activities, and coaches identify talented and interested students for various inter-school competitions. Our teams have bagged several laurels in such competitions.

The School provides an excellent 200-meter athletic track with pavilion for the spectators and facilities for all track and field events. Goethals is known for its good performance in Athletics and especially at the Inter House Athletic Meet, one can feel the excitement of the participants and the spectators.

Nature Walks and Gardening

We at Goethals thank the Almighty to be privileged to enjoy the scenic beauty of the foothills of the eastern Himalayas, thus appreciating the environment around us.

Connecting with Nature has a holistic effect as boys love to go for Nature walks and gardening. Caring for garden and enjoying the beauty of blooms and foliage is an enriching experience which contribute to the overall health and contentment of the students.

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