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Goethals Memorial School History

On the death of Paul Goethals, Archbishop of Calcutta, in July 1901 the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Calcutta commemorated his memory by the establishment of an educational institution for boys in Kurseong (Darjeeling Dist., West Bengal). In February 1907 classes started in the building erected by the first Principal, Br. M.S. O'Brien (1907-1914). The number of boys in residence was 110. The official opening took place on 30 April 1907. Lt. General, Sir Andrew Fraser formally opened the school. There were 110 boys in school on the opening day. The first prospectus had in view the affiliation of the School to the Shibpur Engineering College, Calcutta. However, the Sub Overseer Course did not fit with the needs of the pupils and was dropped in favour of the Cambridge Locals. The school was affiliated with the University of Cambridge Local Examination Syndicate, U.K. until the 1970s when the school switched to the Indian Certificate of Secondary Education curriculum. The affiliation of the school to the Council for the Indian School certificate Examinations is thus considered to be from November 1958. Very soon there were 200 boarders. A two years' engineering class started for the purpose of obtaining entrance into the Bengal Engineering and Science University, Shibpur for mining and several of the boys became managers of mines. For many years a farm was worked at Goethals which supplied the school with milk, butter, vegetables, eggs and meat. However, because of the depredations of some of the local community, the farm had to be given up and the land is now under trees. As the hill station of Kurseong is much nearer to Calcutta than that of Nainital, the Provincial, Brother Fabian Kenneally, built a holiday house for the Brothers of the plains close to the Goethals. Hurka Maya's flat, a few hundred feet above the school was selected as the site of the vacation house which, when completed, gave accommodation for 36 Brothers and was used for many a mid-summer holiday by the communities from the houses in the plains. When Br. Arsenius Ryan became Provincial (1914) he made it the Novitiate and called it Mount Carmel. In 2001, Bro.James Joseph decided to open the Edmund Rice School at Goethals to give students who had dropped out from the regular school system to complete their education through the National Institute of Open Schooling (NIOS). This venture focused on the education of girls from deprived backgrounds. Besides preparing for the Class 10 and 12 examinations, they are given a good grounding in English. They are also taught a number of skills which enable them to be self employed or to be skilled for employment..

Tentative Date of Admission Test for the academic year 2020 Day Scholar (Class I to VIII)
1.August 2019
25th Aug. 2019 (Sunday)
2.September 2019
8th Sept. 2019 (Sunday)
October 2019
20th Oct. 2019 (Sunday)
Boarders (Class III to VIII)
3. October 2019
20th Oct. 2019 (Sunday) 4. November 2019
10th Nov. 2019 (Sunday)
5. December 2019
8th Dec. 2019 (Sunday)
15th Dec. 2019 (Sunday)
Admission test will be taken on the following subjects:
1. English Language and
2. Mathematics
Time: 10:00 a.m. to 11:00 a.m. (30 min each)
Parents may choose the date of admission as per their convenience. APPLICATION FOR ADMISSION FORM AND THE PROSPECTUS WILL BE AVAILABLE AT THE SCHOOL OFFICE AND ALSO @ www.gms.edu.in from 12th July 2019 onwards.
Application Form download[click]

Dear Parents,
We Thank Mr. Das Gupta for his years service as Child Protection Officer since 2013. The new Child Protection Officer is Mrs. Minu Mangar. The Mobile Number of the Protection Officer is 911 6622 006. Kindly note

1. This is not a Personal number but the Official Number of the Protection Officer.

2.Legal necessities compel us to accept only written complaints on the WhatsApp. No verbal communications will be entertained.

3. Similarly anonymous messages will be treated as junk mail and those numbers will be blocked.

4. Please keep your written complaints to ONLY Protection / Safety issues of your child. For all the other complaints kindly meet the Principal along with your child.

5.We will endeavour to respond to all your messages within 48 hours, during office timings – 9:00 am to 3:00 pm. Thanking you for your cooperation in your child’s welfare,

Br. T. Samuel

Principal Message

I was very much surprised to learn that in a small town like Kurseong there are eighteen I.C.S.E. Schools – so many that the I.C.S.E. Council itself had to break us up into two zones for effective administration. That set me thinking – what is so special about Goethals – about an Edmund Rice Institution that sets us apart from the rest. When our Founder, Edmund Rice, started the Congregation of Christian Brothers, he was convinced that the best way to transform society is by moulding the minds of the youth and to this end, the best tool was Education. He did not come to this conclusion overnight; but it was something that he chewed on, wrestled with for over twenty years. Edmund’s wife died when he was in his early twenties. He started his first school when he was in his mid-forties...... Read more



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