The aims of the institution are the co-ordinated and balance of these elements guided by a discernment of God’s will: Physical, Socio-Cultural, Spiritual, Psycho-Emotional and Intellectual.


The Goethals student is healthy and nourished by a balanced diet. Moreover he /she is provided with ample scope for regular physical activity, both individually and in teams. The healthy environment and the salubrious climate enhances the process of his /her physical development.


The Goethals student is actively involved in the local society: indirectly, he /she reaches out to the poor and needy. His /her contact with family, neighbourhood, other schools, and especially the media keep him /her socially aware and informed. Through these media he /she imbibes and cherishes both the local and national cultural heritage.


The Goethals Students develops a comfortable relationship with God and deepens his /her faith through guided instruction, prayers and the reading of the scriptures. He /she respects the religious sentiment of his /her companions while cultivation pride in his /her own faith. He /she clearly understands that God is the guiding force of everything.


The Goethals student avails of resources and adequate time to discover and developed his /her powers in various forms of art and entertainment. The pursuit of hobbies aid the blossoming of his /her creative powers. He /she is committed to the prudent use of the earth’s resources and to conserve the environment.


All adequate means are provided, so that the Goethals student develops a great sense of self-esteem and thus grows in psychological health and emotional maturity. He /she develops convivial relationships with peers and is affable with seniors. He /she copes with adversity competently and is helpful towards those who need his /her assistance.


The Goethals student masters the academic requirements of his /her grade and qualifies himself /herself at the school examinations. While he /she attempts excellence in this sphere, he /she understands that it is by no means the measure of his /her worth as a person with a capacity to love and think as no other creature can.

The Goethals student is a happy person, enthusiastic and industrious in all school pursuits and one who strives to give his /her best in any endeavour, much in keeping with the school Motto “OMNIA BENE FACERE” Do All Things Well. On graduating from school, he /she is well equipped to go forth and take his /her rightful place in a world he /she owes much.

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