A Brief History of Goethals Memorial School

On the death of the most Rev. Dr. Paul Count Goethals, SJ Archbishop of Calcutta on July 4th 1901, it was decided by a large and influential committee of clergy and laity of the Archdiocese of Calcutta, to commemorate his memory by the erection in Kurseong of an educational Institution for boys.

The first prospectus had in view the affiliation of the school to the Shibpore Bengal Engineering College, Calcutta. In February 1907 classes started in the magnificent building erected by the first Principal Br M.S. O’Brien (1907-1914). The Number of boys in residence was 110. The Official opening took place on 30th April, 1907. The Sub Overseer Course did not fit in with the needs of people and was stopped in favour of the senior Cambridge.

The Cambridge exams continued until the 1970s. The School then switched to the I.C.S.E. Here too, the boys have maintained a high standard. In 2013, the school was accredited by the C.I.S.C.E. for I.S.C. Courses.

Work and play has been the guiding principles of life at Goethals and in both, the boys have brought home a fair share of glory. Games fit into the curriculum without elbowing out school work.

Goethals stand proud of its past glory and traditions. The School has been fortunate in having a galaxy of distinguished teachers and principals. By their devoted service and capable administration, they have built Goethals into one of the finest schools of the district. The addition and recognition of the National Open School for boys and girls here in Goethals is another feather in the cap of Goethals.

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